The Success Cycle – How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

The Success Cycle – How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Today in this blog, I’m going to share with you one of the big reasons why you may be stuck and not getting results that you been expecting. or if you are brand new and just getting started read on.

Riddle me this…

How is it that two people with the same marketing abilities can get involved in the same system, and one has amazing results while the other at best, has lackluster results?

Would you like to hear why this happens?

The person that is successful gets into results as quickly as humanly possible to make that first sale. Doing this helps with their belief system. It shows them that the system is real. Now that they have made their first sale it helps them to take even more action.

Now they keep taking more action and the cycle begins to feed on its self.ter your text here...

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbin Success Cycle

  • The first thing to create success is taking action.
  • Then taking action drives results.
  • Then when you have results, you have belief and certainty.
  • Then when you have belief and certainty, you have more potential.
  • Then you have more potential, you will take even more action.
  • This is how the Success Cycle will keep feeding upon itself.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we…

How do you get the Success Cycle started in the first place?

If you are just getting started or maybe you’ve been stuck for a very long time. This may be one of the things plaguing you right now. You don’t have the belief that what you are trying to do will work and bring the success that you are looking for. Due to a lot of uncertainties, it’s hard to take action to keep moving forward.

The important thing here is you have to learn how to massively suspend any disbelief’s that you have so that you can start taking action. Even though at a core level you have zero certainty and very little belief that this will work.

Because of all your disbelief, you don’t have very much potential. Without this potential, it’s almost impossible to take any kind of action. Then because you’re not taking action, you haven’t seen any results that you want.

This is the trap that most of us get stuck in when we first get started.

What most of us do we spend a lot of time going through all the courses without taking any type of action. The only thing this does is overwhelms us and make us more confused. Doing this just leads to frustration.

Then we find ourselves in the trap of not having belief and not having certainty which causes us not to take any action.

Getting Your Success Cycle started…

You need a system that is designed for you to take action and get your first sale as fast as you possibly can. This will feed your belief and certainty which will drive you to take even more action. Which will in turn create even greater results in their business.

It all comes down to this…

Your key to doing this is actually focusing on less and not more. You are going to do this by focusing on the things that matter. And from there you’re going to graduate and advance on to the more advanced curriculum.

Metaphorically speaking we’re going to give you your training wheels to help you through this.

What most people feel is that they have to go through more courses, information, books, and products.

It’s always MORE, MORE, MORE!

What happens is, this causes you to always be stuck in learning mode which keeps you from taking any kind of action. When people go through this they’re only retaining between 5 and 10%.

Think about when you first learn how to ride a bike. Did you watch an hour-long video showing you how to do this?

Of course not.

You just got on the bike. You put training wheels on the bike. Then you got on the bike and went 10 ft. You probably fell off. got back up and went 20 feet and fell off again. You kept doing this until you learn how to ride that bike.

Then you would take the training wheels off and go through that learning process again. Then before you know it you’re riding that bike like a pro.

The magic behind this was you were actually doing the activity to learn this. You were taking the action required to learn.

So, how do we put the training wheels on when it comes to learning your business and marketing?

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Your Sales Funnel

The very simple answer is that we use The Super Affiliate Network affiliate system.

Sales Funnel

The first thing you need to understand is a sales funnel. This is were everything gets started for your business. This is used to bring customers to your business.

A sales funnel starts out with a landing page. A landing page goes by a few other names such as a squeeze page, capture page, or opt-in page. But all these do the same thing. The page collects the visitor’s email information.

Then they move on to an optional bridge page where they learn more about you and your offer. The bridge page will then take them to the offer page.

The sales funnel is also connect to your email. Their email information that was provided will be collected by your email system. Now they’re on your email list and will start receiving follow-up emails from you.

Look at the picture above this is your sales funnel which includes your landing page, your bridge page, and your email follow-up series.

Right now if you’re just getting started I understand this feels like a lot to take in.

You don’t start out by creating your own funnel. This is something that you will graduate to later as a super affiliate. Look at this as your end goal.

This is where you have gotten to the point where you’re riding a really good bike. You’re going around corners, you’re going uphills, and you’re going downhills and not worrying about falling off.

Remember this is the end goal. This isn’t necessarily where you want to start.

Okay, now that I know the end result how do I get to my first sale as fast as possible.

We’re going to simplify.

You need to focus on one core thing to hit your goal of making that first sale. So that you have more belief and certainty, and more potential so that you can take more action.

This is how you are going to start your Success Cycle.

The only thing you’re going to do is focus on traffic. This is going to allow you to make that first sale as fast as humanly possible. Traffic is simply getting visitors to your landing page, that’s it.

What you are going to do. Focus on getting traffic to a Done-For-You funnel that is part of the Super Affiliate Network.

You will use one of these Done-For-You funnels to get your first sale. You don’t even have to worry about the email follow-up they are done for you too.

The only thing you have to do is run traffic to The Super Affiliate funnel that’s it.

Doing this will allow you to focus on just one thing to get your sale.

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At this point you’re not going to branch out can create your own sales funnel just yet.

The only thing you want to focus on is running traffic to get your first sale.

You want to keep doing this for a while. Keeping it simple and just keep running traffic to one of the Super Affiliate Network funnels. When you’re getting sales this is going to strengthen your belief and certainty.

When you start to see your success. Your beliefs will start growing and your certainty in the system will start to increase. As your potential increases, this will allow you to take even more action. This is how the Success Cycle starts feeding on itself in a positive way.

Now you’re in a good mind space where you are just driving traffic to a funnel and producing the results you’ve been looking for.

This is what you want to be doing while you are still using the Done-For-You funnels. Now that your confidence is up and running traffic. This will give you the time you need to work on your own funnel.

Now you can start taking control of your landing page, creating your own bridge page. You’re writing your own personal email follow-up.

Before you know it those training wheels will be off in no time.

This is the best way to get started. Keep it very simple at first just by running traffic to the Done-For-You funnels and learning how to create your own complete sales funnel.

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Why should I have a custom sales funnel?

Why would I create my own funnel when the Done-For-You funnels are already working for me? The biggest reason for creating your own funnel is that you will have even more control.

You have control to change the landing page message. You can change the copy so that the message matches your targeted traffic. This is called a Message to Market Match. The better your message matches your traffic. The better chance of you making a sale.

Isn’t that what it’s all about. You making a sale.

Another major thing to consider with your own funnel is that you can create your own personalized bridge page. This will take those cold leads that are going through your funnel and convert them into warm leads. These means these leads are turning into buyers. This happens because they start to see you. You start to build up that know, like, and trust relationship.

One of the amazing things when it comes to creating your own sales funnel. You don’t have to do the whole thing at once.

That’s right, you can do it in pieces one at a time. The nice thing about this is that you can learn how to create and then test each section and get all the kinks worked out. Then move on to the next.

For instance, you can start by creating your own landing page and then connect it to one of the Done-For-You sales pages.

Then after you have your landing page working you can create your own bridge page then use it with one of the Done-For-You sales pages.

Using this strategy will keep you from getting overwhelmed and creating a more positive outcome for you so that you will reach your goal.

And here’s some great news for you:

We’re going to put on your training wheels and take you through our very simple boot camp. This has a step by step process so that you can hit your goals with ease and you’ll be cruising down that road to success in no time.

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