This Golden Rule Will Change Your Business


I'm going to reveal the one thing that helped my business take off like a rocket.

When I did this one thing it set the stage and made a big difference for business but before we get into all that I want to tell you a little about myself.

For 25 years I have been a software developer, traveled around the world, and met many interesting people. I love the feeling of conquering the challenges that I am faced with.

I live in an area where the ocean is only 30 minutes away and the mountains are about 1 hour away. This allows for many activities all year. One of my favorite things to do is go hiking. When hiking, I get the feeling of being closer to nature. When I'm on a new trail and wondering what's going to be around the next corner, or over the next ridge. Hiking along the trail is a lot like life – you know. Climbing up a mountain, struggling, and being able to move forward and finally getting to the top is well worth the reward.

A little while ago I was looking for a chance to try something different. I wanted to start an online business. I didn't know where or how to start. I tried a lot of the internet marketing programs out there, and not having much luck with them. Then I found the FourPercent Challenge, this has changed my whole life. I wake up each day with a positive attitude and feel like I am going in the right direction to having success. This is with everything that I do.

I love what I do. I want to help others succeed. I would like to change their course and putting them on the right path for success.

Ok, enough about me.

Do you ever wonder why so many people aren't able to make money online? Even if they are committed to working hard and have the world's best offer.

The number one reason for this is because they tried doing it alone. This is a Surefire Method for your disaster.

The solution, you ask…

You need to find a mentor someone that will show you precisely what they do to become successful.

Going on your journey alone can lead to disastrous results, taking much longer to get to your success, and make you go broke in the process.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

The book is based on one of the modules that I cover in my free affiliate marketing training. You can get the complete course right here

Why did I create this free training? 

There were so many times when I first got started I wasn't sure what to do, or where to turn next. I felt just like a deer in the car headlights. Frozen and not taking any action. I kept listening to advice from so many different gurus that the more information a got the more confused I became.

Can you relate to this?

I wanted to help other people that may be going through this very same thing. 

If you have any questions at all on affiliate marketing message me on Facebook and drop your question there.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this.

Is This For You?

If you’re struggling with affiliate marketing or just getting started this book has your name on it. Read on and I’m going to do my best to explain the golden rule. Whenever you are stuck or struggling along your journey with affiliate marketing remember you’re not alone.

Once you understand and implement this Golden Rule you’ll begin to generate more leads for your business.

More leads mean more conversions.

More conversions mean more sales.

More sales mean more money in your pockets.

Without leads coming into your business, you have no sales. What you have is a hobby, not a business.

Do you know what's going to happen to you when you start generating more sales? An amazing side effect that has to do with your confidence. Your confidence is also going to grow at the same time your business starts to grow. 

How do I know?  Cause this is what happened to me.

The Golden Rule

This will work for any business in any niche. If you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, coach, trainer, car salesmen, or you are promoting your product pay close attention.

When you start to follow this Golden Rule everything will start to change for you. You’ll start to notice that everything will start to fall into place.

Success Leaves Clues

You simply want to follow the leaders in your space. Find the leaders in your space (niche)  and start watching exactly what they're doing. You’ve probably heard the expression success leaves clues and that’s what you're going to be doing is simply finding leaders and following them. I’ve constantly been reminded of a quote from Tony Robbins that stood out for me when I read this a few times. 

Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.~Tony Robbins

This very same thing has also been mentioned by another great and his name is Jim Rohn. There are a lot of coaches and leaders that talk about this at great length. So I got to thinking. There must be something to this.

Success leaves Clues.

Where Do I Find Leaders?

Okay, that's all fine and dandy. How do I find successful leaders? 

The leaders that you need to follow are your competition. What you want to do is go to the leader boards and start writing down the names of just the top five people. It's important, I mean really important to know who the leaders are in your space. If you don't know you need to start finding them right now. Got it?

If you're an affiliate marketer promoting someone else's product they may have a leaderboard. Most of the systems that I'm currently promoting today have 24-hour, 30-days, and all-time leaderboards. I start keeping track of the names that I frequently see on these leaderboards.  This is your competition.  These are the people you have to study and look at exactly what they are doing.

Another thing that you can do to find leaders in your niche is to go to some of the bigger Affiliate Networks. Two of them that I Recommend using are Warrior Plus and jvZoo. They have leaderboards for most of their products. During a product launch, the product creator will have a contest to help boost sales for you and them. During these contests, they have a leaderboard. Go to different products and check them out. You will start to notice the same name appearing on the different leaderboards. Write that golden name down as a leader and start following this person.

What I found is that over time some of my best ideas have come from the following leaders. I'm going to get into much more detail on this later on.

Now I Have My List Of Leaders, What’s Next?

Now that you have your list of leaders. How on Earth am I going to start following them? What is the first thing that I have to do and why?

The first thing you have to do is put that detective hat on. You have to start thinking like a detective and start doing a little research. Don't worry it's nothing complicated.

The simplest way to find them is Facebook.  When you find their profile or business page go to their about section and read it. By the way, if your section isn't filled out, in other words, it's empty. Draw on a little inspiration from their about section and model it to create your very own on your page. When visitors come to your page believe it or not this is one of the first things they read.

I digress.

Start looking around on their page, click on their links to find their website. When you find their website sign up for their email list.

The first thing you want to do is get on their email list. You are not getting on their email list to buy what they are selling. Let me repeat myself you are not getting on their email list to buy anything they're promoting. Got it?

You only want to start reading their emails and paying close attention to their subject lines and body copy of their emails. Look At the frequency of emails that they send out every week.

Why are their emails important you ask? 

Remember success leaves clues. Please, don't waste your time trying to think of an original email. If you're anything like me when I try pulling this off. Nobody was opening any of my emails, ever. Once I caught on to reading emails from somebody that's having success let's say their emails were quite different from mine. I started to get my subscribers opening my emails and clicking on my links.

What I did, I modeled from their emails. Now I'm not telling you to copy their emails. You never want to copy anyone else's content. You want to read their emails to get inspired and help you to create some great content of your own. 

Doing this not only drastically will improve the quality of your emails. It will save you from going through lots of frustration. It also will save you tons of hours from having to come up with ideas to write about. The beauty part about all this is now you don't have to sit there staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to write about and it also saves you a lot of time not having to organize your thoughts from scratch. This will free up a lot of time and allow you to do other things in your business. 

Since we're already on Facebook don't be in a hurry to leave. Take a little time and start reading their post that is getting engagement. If you're not getting any engagement from your Facebook post. Look at their post and model from theirs. look at what drew you into that post and incorporate the same thing as yours. Remember I'm not telling you to copy. Make it your own.

If they have any webinars going on, register and don't forget to watch. Again, I'm not having you watch the webinar to buy. They will be selling you something, that's what webinars are for. But you are not going to buy right?

So why in the heck are we going to watch a 2-hour webinar anyway? You can learn a lot from watching a webinar. Anything from how they do their introduction to the call to action (CTA) at the end of the webinar.  I'm not trying to tell you that you need to do a webinar. What I am telling you is that you can take ideas from the webinar and use them for your Facebook lives or videos for your YouTube channel.

If they have a YouTube channel subscribe to it. Start watching their videos, take notes, and learn what they are doing. Spend some time immersing yourself on YouTube and search for topics in your niche. Start watching other people's videos to get ideas. Then take the same ideas and incorporate them into your videos. remember to put your spin on it by adding your personality into the video.

I think a lot of us when we first get started feel that we have to come up with this unique content that nobody has ever seen before. Well, we are living in a time where just about everything you're going to create content on has been done already. It’s been done over and over before.  

So why do you need to create this very same content?  That's a great question. You want to put your spin on the content. What this means is you're going to inject your personality into it whether you're writing an email or doing a video. This is the main thing that's going to set you apart from your competition. This is going to allow you to stand out in the crowd. This is why somebody will choose you over the other person. You are unique. There is only one you.

Going From A Consumer To A Producer Mindset

Like I mentioned previously you're going to read emails, check out Facebook posts, and watch videos with the intent NOT to buy, RIGHT? 

Remember you are gathering content for your emails, social media posts, and videos. You need to shift your mindset from one of a  consumer who is always thinking buy, buy, buy. To that of a producer who is constantly getting ideas from the leader's content that you are going to turn into your very own. Got it?

A consumer is a person that purchases goods and services for personal use.

A producer is a person that makes, grows or supplies goods or services for sale.

When you are shall we say researching your competitor’s content you are going to be tempted to buy?


I just want to emphasize you don't buy what they are selling. You're gonna get roped into it. You're going to get sucked right in, but try not to. You are not to buy or test any of the products. You are learning how they are promoting it. That’s it. Plain and simple. 

Don’t buy, don’t buy, don’t buy...

Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

A lot of us when we first get into the space of making money online. We tend to buy product after product. 97% of the products that we end up buying we never even look at. We never even open them up. Heck, we don't even log in to the membership site to even try to start using them.

Does this sound a little bit familiar?

I have a confession to make. When I first got started I sank thousands upon thousands of dollars into the next newest and shiniest product that came out. Did I use it? Heck no. Because I always knew that the next product would even be better than this one.

I had shiny object syndrome and I had it bad. I felt like you had to buy the next

product to be successful. Do you feel like that sometimes you need to buy this one product? This is it. I know this is right for me. I can feel it. This is the one that's going to make me rich.

Does this sound familiar?

This is what we call Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). You keep buying all the latest products out there hoping this is the one. The last one you will ever need to make you rich. 

By the way, this isn't your fault. Let's be clear on that right now.  It's not your fault because this is actually how marketing is done. The guru's want you to keep buying over and over. And when you start following leaders in your space this is going to stick out like a sore thumb. 

What Tools Do I Need?

I'm often asked what tools I need to run my business. And most of the time I just would go on and tell them. You're going to need an autoresponder which is your email list. Then you'll need some software to track your sales campaigns. Software to build your sales funnels, a webcam for your videos and video editing software, and the list goes on.

That's great and all but how do I know which one to get. I don't want to spend a lot of money just to end up with a terrible one. Here's the secret. You are going to get this answer from the leaders that you have been following. You need to find out what tools or software they use.  Sometimes it's as simple as just asking them. 

I put together a quick list of some of the most important tools and software that you'll need for your business. There are more tools, software, and websites that you will need for your business. I talked more about these on my YouTube channel.

You need an autoresponder for your email list to find out which autoresponder the leaders are talking about. The more popular ones are easy-to-use they are AWeber, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign. There are many more but these would be my top three recommendations.

When you're running both free and pay traffic you always want to know your data. This is especially true for paid traffic. You want to know things like how many clicks, views,  and Opt-ins you get when running a campaign. There are many different types of tracking software out there for you to choose from. The one I would recommend for you is called ClickMagick.

For instance, if you want to do webinars, I say go for it. The two webinars that come to mind right now are WebinarJam and GoToWebinar.

Standing Out From Your Competition

One of the most basic things yet most important ideas to keep in mind. Why would someone buy from you and not the other person? What unique value do you have to offer over your competition?

Do you ever stop to think when you purchase a product or service what exactly was it that convinced you to buy? Was it the discounted price? Did they offer additional bonuses with the product that enticed you? Or did it simply come down to the trust that that person has built up with you?

When you're studying the leaders you want to know what makes them different than their competition. You need to find ideas that will make you stand out from your competition. You never want to copy your competition. There are already enough people like that. you want to give someone a reason to buy from you and not the other person.

Seen it, Done it, Watched It, And Read It

I remember when I first got started with affiliate marketing and my mentor told me that I had to create content every day. That's 7 days a week. I thought I had to create my original content. You know, something that nobody's ever watched or read before. I can't even begin to tell you how much time was wasted staring at a blank computer screen. Not having a clue what I was going to write about or create a video on. I kept telling myself over and over I'm just a newbie how in the heck am I going to come up with content that somebody would like. 

But then one day my mentor told me about this Golden Rule. Ever since this day my business and my life have changed for the better.

Don’t Feel Like Reading

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