You’re Not The Only One – The Top 5 Challenges Marketers Face

The Top 5 Challenges Marketers Face

Over the next few days, I’m going to talk about the top 5 big challenges marketers are faced with. 

if you're struggling right now to get results in your business you'll want to stay right here over the next coming days.

I'm glad you're here now so lets you and I enjoy this short journey together.

I'm going to take each of these top challenges separately so that you get the most value out of each one.

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Okay, here we go.

The Top 5 Challenges Marketers Face

You're not alone - Learn how to overcome this obstacles and grow your business.

Generating Targeted Traffic

1 -- Generating (Targeted) Traffic

Solid lead generation is crucial to any business. 


This is the point where you can stand out as an authority. You can take these generated leads and nurture them by providing helpful information and guide them toward making a purchasing decision.

It all comes down to creating valuable content that answers prospects’ questions. When people feel you have something to offer them. They will be more inclined to provide you with their contact information.

Now with these prospects start warming up to you and become more interested in your offer. Your job is to simply nurture this lead by providing helpful information until they're ready to make a buying decision.

One of the simplest reasons why many businesses struggle with lead generation in the first place. 

They don't generate any leads at all. 

How are you going to nurturing Elites when you're not generating any in the first place.

Without reaching new prospects and attracting new customers, it can be very difficult to sustain growth. potential customers aren't going to just magically find your business.

So let’s start generating leads for you right now.

Now, with that being said how do we solve this problem.

Revisit who your actual buyers are.

You have to ask yourself this question. What type of buyers can I help with my product or service? This comes from knowing your buyer persona in enough detail so that you know exactly who you are targeting. Then start creating your persuasive content around them.

What about your content?

Does your audience resonate with your content? The content format is also important. There are some people who like reading blogs While others prefer to watch an entertaining video. You need to find the right content format and interesting content for your prospects.

Getting the right prospects to your front door.

Organic traffic is vital for every business. But it comes down to getting targeted traffic to your front door. So that when that visitor arrives it's what they expected. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting targeted visitors to your business.

A faster way to grow your business

Using paid search traffic is the fastest easiest way to get noticed. this is a great compliment with Organic traffic and SEO.  Google search traffic is by far and away has the biggest market share.

but there are hundreds of other sources as well.

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information overload

2 -- Information Overload

With all the information accessible to us on the internet, it's hard to really tell the difference between the authority or the pretender. Currently, Google’s count of index pages is quickly approaching fifty billion pages. That alone is something very hard to comprehend. 

So many times the information seems fragmented and disorganized which makes it very tough to follow and understand. Sometimes it's hard to find it in a clear and distinct order that makes it helpful to understand. This makes it even tougher to disseminate the information.

A great way to overcome this hurdle is to start by taking a deep look into the problems your customers are having. You need to think about what is getting in the way of their success and how can you help.

Content marketing is difficult for both the consumer and the producer. As a producer, you have to keep these ideas in mind while creating your content. As a consumer, you have to understand that the content has been done by many different people. It's up to you to find the person and they're content that you resonate with. 

Even if there is already an abundant amount of content that solves the same problem. You need to be able to offer a different perspective, an easier explanation, or a fresh new approach. 

As a producer of marketing content, You need to explore new ways to engage with or present information to your audience.  One of the first things you need to do is find out where they're hanging out online. You need to think about the different social media websites and forums so that you can have meaningful conversations with real people.  Then once you have their attention you can gently nudge your prospects over to your content.

With the sheer quantity of information out there today on the internet it can be daunting for both a consumer of content and also the producer of content.

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Tools And Technology

3 -- What Tools And Technology Do I Need?

With any business, you going to require Tools and Technology. Without the right tools, it's unlikely you will not see success from your efforts. Tools and Technology will help you smoothly execute your business and allow you to invest in scalable resources that let you do more in less time.

With the never-ending Tools and Technology available to you, it can be a difficult challenge to find the tools that are suitable for your needs.  It can be a daunting task sifting and sorting try to identify the right tools for your needs.

The first thing you want to do is identify the tools that you will need. I've created a shortlist to help you get started.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Software

This is used to keep track and organize, learn more about your contacts. This is a great tool to help know your customers better. The helps you to understand how to sell to them even better.

Marketing Automation Tool

This will help you nurture your leads. through marketing automation, you can guide your leads to a purchasing decision and also prevent them from falling through the cracks.

One of the things you want to keep in mind when picking your tools. make sure they are easy for you to use.  This is the most important thing you want to keep in mind when deciding on different tools for your business. The reason for this you're going to use these tools every day.

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Top 5 Challenges Marketers Data Overwhelm

4 -- The Amount Of Mind-Boggling Data

Marketing people provide you with an overwhelming amount of data. This causes many prospects to struggle with what to focus on. 

This is also very challenging for the marketer because they have to do everything from determining their Buyer Persona to choosing the most effective method for tracking ROI. The amount of information that a marketer has to understand and the process is seemingly endless.

But when the marketer does this right. This is a win-win for both you and the marketer.

As a prospect, you should take time to research the information that is available to you. Most likely you will be confronted with a tsunami wave of options. The key to preventing information overload is zeroing in on what will be the most useful for you.

You need to Pare down the essential information by asking yourself this. What is important to me? What do I need to learn so that I can achieve my goals?

I will have to agree, most of the information available to you will be interesting. The poor side effect of this is that we lose our focus and intent of our actual goal.

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Top 5 Challenges Marketers Resources

5 -- Ok Let’s Talk Resources

Now it's Ready Set Go, right?

Not so fast.

You got a plan--- now the only problem is putting that plan into motion.

Many marketers out there see this as one of the greatest challenges. getting enough hands on deck and a sufficient budget without having to pull the plug before they see their results.

You may think it's all about impressing people with a big office, fancy Studio latest gadgets. But if you're like most of us you're probably on a very shoe string budget.

The number one activity you should budget and place your efforts on when first getting started is lead collection and tracking. Don't simply pass those leads on to your sales pages. Regardless of whether delete ends up being rejected by the sales or turning into a repeat customer, you can tie your leads back to your marketing activities.

Acquiring leads is so vital for your business growth. Tracking the leads and collecting data is important to determine your ROI. Determining your ROI to tracking data will allow you to decide where to put your efforts. The activities that are profitable start scaling up. While the other activities that are not as profitable drop or tweek to improve them.

How to overcome tracking and improving ROI related challenges.

Determine your goals

What do you want to accomplish with your marketing plan? How many leads do I need to generate daily? How to establish yourself as an authority or leader?  Make sure your goals are clearly defined and determine what needs to be measured.

Determine KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  will let you know whether you reach your goal or not. You can't measure ROI without measuring progress forward with your goals. So make sure you understand your key performance metrics you will be measuring.

Invest in Tools

You need to measure your ROI. It's just as important as knowing your goals. How well is that blog you created at generating leads? Well, Google Analytics will be the first tool to start with.If you want to prove that your social media campaign is working, utilize tools like Twitter Analytics or Buzzsumo.

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